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Azzure With Devops Online Training & Certification

Ksquareinfo is top ranked online in India DevOps training course is fully equipped to deploy all the tools and principles of DevOps in IT enterprise. AWS provide services that help professionals to practice DevOps in the organisation. Course seeker will become an expert in all the key features that can successfully integrate IT operations departments and development of the company. It is the best online AWS with Devops training institute in Hyderabad designed by the market experts that will gain you insights into the deployment, delivery, management and maintenance of multiple DevOps tool such as selenium, Jenkins, docket etc.

Why should you take AWS with DevOps Training?

Over a decade, AWS with DevOps software has become widely used technology that integrates operations and development in IT enterprises. Ksquareinfo DevOps training will be helpful to become an expert in build measure, deploy, deliver and continuous monitoring of IT operations departments and development. Ksquareinfo online training will help you to increase the job opportunities in top MNCs after completion of the course.

Who can take the DevOps course?

DevOps course can be taken by IT developers; Operations personnel, QAs, security professionals or beginners would are interested to establish a career in IT.

What are the DevOps Course Pre-requisites

There are no particular pre-requisites to learn the course. Strong understanding of IT operations is useful.

Why should I learn DevOps from Ksquareinfo

Ksquareinfo is the top ranked online training institute for Salesforce Lightning in Hyderabad, it has been training thousands of students online across the world for the past 10 years. It has a curriculum designed by the experts that will give you hands on experience that will be helpful in mastering the programming language both basic and advanced concepts. It is the best training online institute that provides both self-paced training and group online training with individual attention to each of the student.

Why DevOps

Top MNCs in the world have adopted DevOps methodologies to enhance their performance and team activities in the company. With more and more organisations adapting to DevOps, it has emerged as the most sought after skill among the professionals. Ksquareinfo DevOps training will provide the hands on experience on tools and methodologies of DevOps and its life cycle.

Can beginners also learn DevOps?

Yes, it will be useful for the starters to understand and gain knowledge about other advanced languages by learning DevOps. It is also important for the starters to concentrate on knowledge of IT operations management.

What Are Modes of Training offered by Ksquareinfo?

Ksquareinfo offers two types of training, the self-paced training and online instructor group training. Our trainers have vast experience in the technology and are working as subject matter experts for the company. Personal interaction with the trainers will be provided through a demo for the students before confirmation.

How many People are using DevOps?

Workday is used by most of the MNCs therefore many professionals across the world in several domains are utilising this technology to integrate their operations and performance of the organisation.

What are the preferred skills to become a successful DevOps Professional?

Some of the skills to become a successful DevOps professional are :

  1. 1. Excellent understanding of DevOps key methodologies
  2. 2. Ecosystem of DevOps
  3. 3. Life cycle of DevOps
  4. 4. Strong knowledge IT operations management

DevOps Course Content

Introduction to Devops

  1. • Basics of Software Development
  2. • Traditional Models for SDLC
  3. • Why Devops?
  4. • What is Devops?
  5. • Devops Lifecycle
  6. • Devops Tools

Version Control

  1. • What is Version Control
  2. • Types of Version Control System
  3. • Introduction to SVN
  4. • Introduction to Git
  5. • Git Lifecycle
  6. • Common Git Commands
  7. • Working with Branches in Git
  8. • Merging Branches
  9. • Resolving Merge Conflicts
  10. • Git Workflow

Introduction of Docker

  1. • Introduction to Docker
  2. • Understanding Docker Lifecycle
  3. • Components of Docker Ecosystem
  4. • Common Docker Operations
  5. • Creating a DockerHub Account
  6. • Committing changes in a Container
  7. • Pushing a Container Image to DockerHub
  8. • Creating Custom Docker Images using Dockerfile

Advanced concepts of Docker - Part II

  1. • What are Docker Volumes
  2. • Deploying a Multi-Tier Application using Docker Network
  3. • Using Docker Compose to deploy containers
  4. • What is Container Orchestration
  5. • Container Orchestration Tools
  6. • Introduction to Docker Swarm
  7. • Deploying a 2-Node Cluster using Docker Swarm

Puppet – configuration Management

  1. • Requirements of Configuration Management
  2. • What is Puppet
  3. • Puppet Architecture
  4. • Setting up Master Slave using Puppet
  5. • Puppet Manifests
  6. • Puppet Modules
  7. • Applying configuration using Puppet
  8. • Puppet File Server

Ansible Configuration Management

  1. • What is Ansible?
  2. • Ansible vs Puppet
  3. • Ansible Architecture
  4. • Setting up Master Slave Ansible Playbook
  5. • Ansible Roles
  6. • Applying configuration using Ansible

Testing using Selenium

  1. • What is Continuous Testing?
  2. • Introduction to Selenium
  3. • What is Maven?
  4. • Using Maven with Selenium
  5. • Creating Test Cases with Selenium
  6. • Running Test Cases on Chromium Web Driver
  7. • What is Headless Mode?

Integration - Jenkins

  1. • Introduction to Continuous Integration
  2. • Jenkins Master Slave Architecture
  3. • Understanding CI/CD Pipelines

Orchestration - Kubernetes

  1. • Introduction to Kubernetes
  2. • Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes
  3. • Kubernetes Architecture
  4. • Deploying Kubernetes using Kubeadms
  5. • Alternate ways of deploying Kubernetes
  6. • YAML Files
  7. • Creating a Deployment in Kubernetes using YAML
  8. • Services in Kubernetes
  9. • Ingress in Kubernetes

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Yes before confirming the schedule, we will be discussing with the trainer and training will be provided as per your availability.

The trainer is a certified professional with immense experience in the related technology and industry.

The trainer is a certified professional with immense experience in the related technology and industry.

Yes we accept course fee in two instalments

Yes there will be group discount where students join in a group will be provided with a discount.

We will provide assistance in that is required to place in an MNC by forwarding the resumes to the companies that we have partnered with. The curriculum provided in the course ensures that you have sufficient knowledge and exposure to get a job.